Best Solar Powered Portable Generators

 In case of an emergency, you’ll be glad you didn’t leave home without it! Having a portable solar powered generator is the best item you can purchase. We have researched Amazon to find you the BEST choices. Buy Now…..

25 Projects for Your Quarantined Homestead

Survive 3 months+ in your home

Is your home ready for an extended quarantine?
This prepper’s house can handle 3 months of food and water shortages. It can withstand long periods without electricity. And it’s well protected from looters and desperate “zombies”.
Why? Because of 25 simple projects he built from scratch.
Many of them, from spare parts you can find at a junk yard or even in your own shed.
Like this generator made from used car parts:

And many others, like an underground greenhouse, a water mill, a DIY crossbow and even a flamethrower.

to discover 25 DIY projects for long term survival

Foldable Solar Panels

100W Portable Solar Chargers with USB Outputs

135Wh Portable
Power Station

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